Monday, August 30, 2010

Tins (My latest mission is trying to find a use for them all)

Tins! I'm trying to find a use for them all .
1. They make great cutlery holders if entertaining just put the tins on the table every one can help themselves , saves washing up because the one left in the tins won't have been used .
2. I covered one with red check fabric to use to serve bread sticks again good for entertaining.
3. The 3 litre tins from golden circle fruit juice make great little rubbish bins they can be covered to suit your decor .I use one in my sewing room and the other for waste paper and pencil sharpenings near the computer desk.
4.They make great pencil/pen holders.
5. I put one on my coffee table the other day to keep all the remotes together . (850ml fruit tin )
6. Use as a kitchen utensil holder near the stove top eg wooden spoon,egg slice, tongs
7. Money boxes.
8. Make little buckets put a hole each side add a wire handle.
9. I made a stubby holder from a bake bean tin you can line it with and insulating fabric ! I used a piece of  thin foam that you find in packaging.I got the idea yesterday when we got out rainwater tank installed they gave us a stubby holder that looked like a miniature metal tank.
10.Great for using in the shed for storing nuts and bolts and screws.
11.Use for pot plants.
12.I store my garlic in one in my pantry.
13. Ash trays for smokers fill them with sand and have them outside. Good if entertaining smokers.
14.Large tins can be made into children drums wet and stretch fabric over the top secure well, when dried it will be really taught.
15. A small tin will make a great scone/biscuit cutters. use a can opener and cut of both ends.
16. I use them for storing my sons chalk ,magnet letters also to be used on the chalk board.
17. Use for a sewing tin.
18. Small tuna tins make into pin cushions. fill tin with stuffing cover with fabric glue around the edge .
19. Store stationary supplies in little tins , paper clips,drawing pins etc.
20. Store little nick knacks/ children's puzzles/games/toys.
21. I'm collecting small tuna tins to make a tin man. I will post a photo when completed.
22. Make an ice bucket, use the 3 litre golden circle juice tin.
23. Make a tea light holder , punch holes around tin for light to shine through.
24. To store your clothes pegs.
25. Small cake tins made from 450g salmon and tuna tins. (I have a earlier post all about this idea)
26. Children can make telephone with two tins and some string.
27. I use the 850 ml golden circle juice tin to stand my solar light outside to charge it up if needed to bring inside for a night light or if power goes out.
28.Years ago we used to make the sunshine milk tins into billy cans add a wire handle and boil water on the fire, they would be ok to use for camping to boil eggs or heat water to wash dishes.
29.Make garden sculptures,great activity for children can nail tins to each other to make animal shapes.
30.Make a garden wind chime drill holes in the bottom of the tins and hang them with either string or fishing line so they all clang together, could be good to keep birds away from vegetable gardens.
I've exhausted my brain now ! If any one can add any please post and share them with us !


  1. I think you have just about covered all the uses. My ideas are on your list.

    You do a good job thinking up ideas for recycling, it has me thinking a lot more about the different uses for all the "stuff" that comes into my house.


  2. I have made a load of lanterns of mine, that I sell: