Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food Hampers (They Are Great Gifts For Any Occasion)

Food Hampers (they are great gifts for any occasion)
My two eldest boys have just moved house and are in need of dishes etc . They love cooking pasta dishes, so I thought they need a colander to strain the pasta. I brought a stainless steel one and filled with ingredients to make pasta ! 
They are very easy to make buy a nice bowl, casserole dish  or colander and fill with ingredients .
Another idea buy a cake tin and fill with ingredients to make a cake , flour,sugar milk (long life) packet of dried fruit ,vanilla essence ,cocoa powder !
The ideas are endless.
They make great house warming gifts or kitchen tea gifts ! Easy, simple and every one eats !

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  1. perfect................. I have a friend having a baby soon,, gonna make her one of these,,