Friday, July 16, 2010

Water To Precious To Waste !

Water is to precious to waste ! We live on a 25 acre property out of town (semi rural ) and we rely on all our own water supply. All our house is connected to our rain water tank .
In my kitchen sink I have a basin that I wash our dishes in , then I empty the water onto our plants/garden. Then I rinse in the smaller side of the sink ,just while writing this I'm thinking to myself might see if I can purchase a smaller one for the small side of the sink . This one in photo we brought at bunnings about 18 months ago . I saw them for sale the other day at woolworths for $7.99. We also have one  in each of the showers that we use in the summer to collect water then water the plants. The handles on each side make it so easy to carry and when not in use they can be hung up on hooks!

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