Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea-Light Candle Holder!

Tea-Light Candle Holder!
I just made this tea light candle holder from recycled products. All you need is a glass jar , an old wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers.Then add your tea light candle. The old coat hanger I used was plastic coated , I made another one with just plain wire. Take pliers and cut a length from the coat hanger, depends on the size of the jar bend it around the top twist together at the back and make a loop with the excess. I used a tiny bit of blu-tac to keep the candle in the middle of the jar so when you tilt the jar to get your hand and match inside to light it ,it stays in place Very simple to make.The photo was taken during the day, hung on a nail on our gazebo. They would look great a lot of them hung up outside while entertaining . And best part they are free to make !

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  1. Thanks again for an excellent hint throught this might be good to have around the garden love your blog.