Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rose Water Perfume

Rose Water Perfume !
I never wear perfume for health reasons,way too many nasty chemicals in it for me ! This is a good one for people with allergies.
I buy rose water and put into a small bottle with a spray top and that is my perfume ,smells just lovely and subtle . Some people can get way to heavy handed with spraying perfume and if you walk past them it just about kills you ! I would make my own rose water if I grew roses , I keep thinking how much I would love to grow roses, then I think how much the possums would love to eat them .
One day I will give it a try ! I would like to plant a row right along the front of our house ! Then I will make my own rose water .
Note: This is also great when we get older and start having hot flushes, you can store it in the fridge and take it with you in your bag for those days you need a little cooling. Just spray  it on your face as needed  it really helps ! Also can be used as a deodorant.
If you get the time here is a link you may find very interesting called Sweet Poison: What Your Nose Can't Tell You About The Dangers of Perfume

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  1. Thank goodness...someone else talking sense! I entirely agree about some woman & their toxic cloud of perfume..cough, cough, choke! I love rose water & use it for all kinds of things..of course a spray bottle..fantastic..thanks so much I have one recycled & waiting in the cupboard. I have been making my own skin cream for years now..even my 26 year old son now uses it. he likes that it's chemical free! Keep it up! Catherine