Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Popcorn Cups !

Popcorn cups !
I love finding uses for things that would otherwise just be thrown into the rubbish bin. I think it's great when it can at least be used again and again for some thing else before it goes into the rubbish !
I'm trying to find uses for the 1 kilo yoghurt container's I have.
I thought why not use them for popcorn cups. You can purchase popcorn containers I 've seen in the shops from between $2-$4 each, way too expensive I think , imagine you had a family of 5 and wanted one each that would be $10-$20 for popcorn cups ! When you can re-use your youghurt containers for free !So make some popcorn fill the containers one for every one in the family ,get out the DVDs sit back and eat and relax and enjoy the movie !
Note: If you are using them for a child's party wrap a piece of paper around the cup and write child's name on it ,that way no one will be eating some one else's popcorn !

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  1. very clever!!! I love your ideas!!

    keep it up!