Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Freeze Your Ginger.

Freeze your ginger !
If you are like me and buy ginger and it gets put into the crisper in the fridge and because its so small gets lost in there and forgotten about until you find it one day and its started to go mouldy  ! Then this is a great tip for you , now when I buy ginger I peel it with a teaspoon chop it up and put in a zip lock bag or container and pop in the freezer .Now when I need a piece of ginger I take it out chop it up finely or grate it for my recipe, no more waste ! ( I have to tell the truth, every now and then I forget to do this, last time I brought organic ginger for $30 a kilo and it got wasted). Not any more ,I hope I learnt my lesson It's really annoying when you're making a recipe and it calls for ginger and you know you have some in the fridge only to find it has gone mouldy. Well never again, I will freeze it in future.

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  1. Love this idea always having a problem with ginger going in the veggie box will save as ginger is not cheap even though you only need small amounts at a time keep up the good work love your blog.