Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kitchen Scrap Bucket

Kitchen Scrap Bucket !
This is our kitchen scrap bucket for all our scraps !
It was an old nappy bucket that was last used for that purpose nearly 8 years ago ! We line it with news paper and fill with scraps, when filled we dig a hole in the garden and bury it.
We have too many scraps for our worm farm so we use both . If you are about to plant a fruit tree put a bucket of scraps in the hole then the tree, great fertilizer for the tree !


  1. Is it ok to use the colored print newspaper in the compost or for garden use?? I heard some wonder about the inks. Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah, I put all my cardboard packets in the compost or for worms and the coloured papers also in the compost, there is ink on every thing.Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog and taking the time to leave comments and ask questions. You have a great day.