Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pearly White Teeth !

Do you want to have pearly white teeth !
Are your teeth looking not as white as you would like them to look . Well here is a really easy tip .
Buy some bi-carb sprinkle a little on your tooth brush and brush as usual and they will look sparkling clean and white !


  1. I have naturally creamy coloured teeth so will give this a go. Thinking it may only work on naturally white teeth which have got a bit yukky over time. What do you think?

  2. Hi oddduck48 , yes I know what you mean some people have natural white teeth my middle son has lovely white teeth , so does my brother. Give it a try costs next to nothing, try it a few times. it makes a difference to mine in just one brushing , I try to do it about once a week/fortnight ! let me know how it went . warning tastes yuk ! just rinse with water !

  3. Odd Duck, my dentist has assured me that naturally creamy coloured teeth are great and healthy and not to worry about having white teeth as some of them can be very chalky and not so healthy.
    I have creamy coloured teeth also so I am sticking with that idea - though I do give my teeth a good clean with toothsoap or bicarb and ground salt.

  4. That is an interesting suggestion. It really costs a bit much these days to have your teeth cleaned, so I think your suggestion is great. This will help our friends out there save money, yet still have that perfect smile. 
    Janessa Carlon