Sunday, July 25, 2010

Apple Cutter !

Apple Cutter !
The apple cutter is fabulous.
Friends brought if for me from Ikea which was a lovely surprise and I've been using it a lot . I cooked roast pork last weekend and made a pot of apple sauce I peeled and cut the apples very quickly with my new kitchen gadget . I've made a few apple cakes which require a kilo of apples each time . It's a real time saver !
I've been experimenting with it ,to find out what else I can cut with it I will continue to do so and post any updates on my success and failure attempts.  So far I've used it to cut potato wedges, cut tomatoes with success. Tried  to cut an orange that some one had suggested to me , my thought was it would squirt every where which it did . Been thinking of trying it on onions I haven't as yet . I would highly recommend it to you all  if you haven't got one already !. A real time saver !

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