Monday, July 26, 2010

Solar Panels

Solar Panels.
Kev my partner and I had talked about getting solar panels installed to help save money and help save the planet.Then the federal government was offering an $8,000 rebate, so we went ahead and signed up in May and we got our solar panels installed on the 3rd of November 2009. My partner Kev has done spread sheets to monitor how much power we make and use.I'm really looking forward to the 1st August because we will finally start getting paid 47 cents a kilowatt hour (KWh). 40cents from the state government fixed for ten years and 7cents from synergy which will be reviewed every 12 months . With the price of power going up all the time, I'm so glad we got our solar panels, we currently save  25% off our power bill. We are thinking about adding more panels. I love the idea that we are making power, and doing our bit to save our beautiful planet . I look forward to getting more panels and receiving cheques instead of bills, now that does sound good ! reducing our carbon foot print .
Does any one receive cheques from their electricty supplier for more then their bills are ?
The question is : Is any one making money from their solar power ?

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  1. We have them, not as good as we were lead to belive,we do all the washing at night also the dishwasher& ironing,
    glad we didn't pay the full price for them.
    We don't save nowhere near 25% of our bill