Friday, July 9, 2010

Orange & Almond Cakes (Gluten Free)

 Orange & Almond cakes (Gluten free)
2 whole oranges (Valencia are best)
3 Eggs
1 cup raw sugar
300g almond meal
Mixture will make 1 large cake or 12 large muffins or 36 small muffin size cakes
Small ones are great for small children or for yourself with a cuppa for a little treat.
Preheat Oven 160 fan forced oven.
Wash oranges, cut into 8ths remove all seeds then put into blender. Add eggs and sugar and blend until smooth, in another bowl put almond meal add orange mixture and stir well put into lightly greased or (can use little circles of baking paper)  patty pans fill up muffin tins and bake until golden brown.
36 Small muffin size takes 25-30 Minutes
12 Large muffin size takes 30-40 Minutes
Large cake takes 1 hour.
Note all ovens are slightly different so check to make sure it’s cooked. For a special occasion you may like to add orange syrup which can be made with juice of 1 orange and zest & ¾ cup sugar  In saucepan put juice and zest from orange ,stir over low heat until sugar dissolves and syrup thickens .spoon over cake/cakes while still warm so the syrup soaks into the cakes. If putting syrup on cake you may like to use less sugar in the cake mix.  Can serve with a dollop of fresh cream yum !
Note: These cakes freeze really well but don't store them on top of each other because they tend to stick to each other ,can put baking paper between the layers if you like .Note: You can use S.R flour if you don't need a gluten free one.

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  1. Thank you ! I am sure I will like this ! I have started a glutten free diet ( to help my thyroid ) , but I still like to have something with my cup of tea !!!