Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bookmarks (Made from used Christmas & birthday cards )

I love finding a use for things that would otherwise be thrown out .
These book marks are made from used christmas and birthday cards.
All you need to do is cut to size then by using a paper punch ,punch a hole out in the top centre of the card and thread a piece of ribbon in the hole can also thread small strings of beads.
Write your words of sentiment on the back then send or give to family and friends instead of buying new cards .
Great craft for children to make and give to their friends.


  1. What a wonderful idea - I always hate throwing out cards - now I can pick out the special ones and make them into bookmarks.

  2. What a great recycling idea!! Any book gift could include a free (pretty) bookmark along with it!

  3. That's great recycling, right there! Have a proud green moment for yourself!