Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Public Library !

Our Public Library !
We love using our library. We rarely ever go to the video store any more because we request all of the latest DVDs from the library. It's such a huge saving ! I remember years ago taking my eldest 2 sons to the library and every one was saying sh,sh,sh, it's wasn't very child friendly, from then on I hardly ever took them again . I think libraries realised if they wanted to encourage the younger generation to come to the libraries then they need to do things to encourage them. I used to take my youngest son when he was two to the library every Friday morning for story time, which he really loved.
They had one of the librarians read a story then they would do an activity that was usually about the story a craft project or colouring in !On special occasions they would even provide morning tea for the parents and children. My son Jack is nearly 8 and he still loves going to the library. They also have holiday program activities for children . I recommend you go to your local library and see what they have on offer .Our library has an adult book club, there is always something happening .Jack loves playing the game snakes and ladders. (even though we have our own at home ) they have an assortment of board games and puzzles.
Read the latest magazines, get the latest DVDs, request the latest books, free Internet access (our library has) you will need to check your local library because they are all different .You can even set up an account to use the library on line its fabulous . We often get on line and request what we want ,then they email us to let us know when it has arrived for us to collect ! I would  thoroughly recommend you all check out your local library if you haven't already .I think you will be pleasantly surprised .

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