Sunday, July 4, 2010

How To Be Organised & Declutter

Hi all,
On Saturday afternoon I went to a free workshop, "Learn how to be organised & declutter"
at Howards Storage World ,run by professional Organiser Lissanne Oliver . I'm always working on trying to organise the contents of my house better . My mission is trying to keep our kitchen table free of clutter, my mission is failing big time . It's a large table too much space thats calling out put me here .It's the first place everything gets put , mail,library books,school notes, sons artwork/school work ,bits and pieces , then when it's time to eat I just push every thing down a little to make space . It seems as fast as I remove all the stuff I turn my back and it's starting to accumulate again .Late last year I came across doculopes I got very excited I was convinced these doculopes were going to change my life ,I was so convinced I was going to be the queen of organisation . What happened,I'm not sure I have a few on my dressing table ,Some in my cupboard A lot on the, you guessed it the kitchen table , Where to put them. Thats the problem where to put them all . Any way Lissanne has a plan called the 4 f,s now ,now no swearing , they stand for finish, forward, file & flick.
finish -complete the project . forward pass them on ,file -file them, flick- in the rubbish bin. If
anyone reads this and has great storge/organising/decluttering ideas please post them and share them with myself and others.
I guess for me sometimes its about how much stuff do I really need /and what I really need to keep .Lissanne has a book called sorted it's in the public library system, she also has a website .I'm about to have a look at it myself .
I read this saying on simplesaving a while back . Most people spend money they don't have, on things they don't need to impress people they don't like .

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  1. I can so relate to this. I need to clear our table now so we have room to eat tea.
    But there is no toom on the bench to put the stuff from the table...