Monday, July 5, 2010

Make Your Own Yoghurt !

Making Your Own Yoghurt !
Been making my own yoghurt the last few days.
delicious ! I purchased yoghurt they had on special 2 x 1kilo tubs of Margaret River natural Greek yoghurt for $5.In my cupboard I found an old mayonnaise jar that holds 1 litre . (the easiyo yoghurt maker has a plastic container but I prefer glass as it sits in boiling water )I put 1/2 cup of commercial yoghurt in jar added a litre of room temperature long life milk that was 89c stirred well put lid on and put in my easiyo yoghurt maker and left for about 12 hours. So for just over a $1 I made a litre of yoghurt. This morning for breakfast I made a banana smoothie, with yoghurt, 2 bananas, little water,maca powder ,rose hip granules and klenz a fibre powder, it was delicious. If you don't have a yoghurt maker you could wrap it up and put somewhere warm .I have also made it in my wide mouth stainless steal thermos, but you need  to warm the milk up first, about body temperature . I think it's worth giving a try !

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