Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Fertilizer For Your Garden

Weed Tea !
Every one has weeds in their garden , Especialy after the rain , I wonder where they all come from you turn your back and there they are again . So when I pull our weeds out ( not very often but when I do )I put them in either a bucket or I have a extra wheelie bin I half fill with weeds then fill with water , but this time of year let the rain fill it up for free. Then I put the lid down or cover bucket, leave for about 6 weeks and then after that bucket it out as required to fertilize your garden , fruit trees, herbs, vegetables or indoor plants. Then put the weed mater around your fruit trees good mulch .It's great for our garden and great for our wallets.
Note: If you were to make it now it will be ready for spring!  Happy gardening !

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