Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chocolate Pudding

Here is my recipe for really healthy Chocolate pudding .
Ingredients: bananas, avocado,carob powder (could use cocoa powder )raw cocoa powder is a healthier option.If using cocoa powder probably will need a lot less . I usually put 3-4 bananas to about half an avocado and a heaped tablespoon of carob powder and blend up well in blender. It is really easy and yummy.
Note: You can make lemon or lime pudding replace the cocoa with either lemon or lime juice.
In photo you will see small tubs filled with pudding they are great for school lunch boxes . they hold 75 mls they are from decor which I purchased from BigW . They are so great for putting allsorts of things in for lunch boxes, they also fit little muffins.
There could probably be another post all about these containers ,they are great !

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  1. WOW - these look divine! What a wonderful way to get some fruit into kids. Think the only prob would be convincing their teachers that it's healthy lol.