Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Freeze Your Cheese

Freeze Your Cheese.
If you are like me and keep wasting cheese because the last part of the block has gone moudly , then this tip will be great for you to stop wasting any more
cheese. When you purchase your cheese I usually like to buy the 1 kilo blocks when they are on special, grate the whole block put it in a zip lock bag or other container suitable for the freezer. Then you can use it staright from the freezer then it will last for ages . (no more moldy wasted cheese ever again)


  1. I have also been doing this for a while. Thanks for sharing. I also found out that the shops add an anti-caking agent to the cheese in bags, so this way must also be better for our health...avoiding another preservative

  2. Sherrie; I think you have been looking in my freezer a bit too must have almost the same foods in our the your blog.