Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Making Boxer Shorts + Reusing an old sheet to make boxer shorts pattern !

These are the cotton boxer shorts I made for myself on Sunday night !
After getting into my very very disorganized sewing room on Sunday I gave it a good declutter and clean up ..its looking pretty good today, I'm very impressed ..Just wish I could keep it looking like this..I never put things away after I either sew or craft ..tip to myself clean up after each project ..not always possible but I will try to do better...Any way after wards I decided to sew my self some boxer shorts which I wear for pj bottoms, even in winter to bed...and a reward for all my hard work..they are so quick and simple to make and probably only need about half a metre of fabric, must check next time I make another pair...depending on your size of course..Boxers also make great gifts for all the males and females in your life...I've also made them in the past for my 3 sons.....and a friend hubby for his birthday..Also I have and old torn and worn out cotton sheet that I used to make a pattern for the boxers..and it will be used to make other patterns too...If any one is interested in making boxer shorts please let me know and I'll do a tutorial .. Another great way to recycle can see some of my sewing room ..looks nice and clean and my table free of I can actually use it again...
Tip:Here is the link to my blog post on inserting elastic the quick and easy way Here



  1. Oooh, yes please. A tutorial would be fab!


  2. Hi Penny, all going well I'll do one over the weekend as I really need to make myself a few more pairs and also use up some of the fabric I please stay tuned xxx