Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kombucha Cultures For Sale !

I've decided to start selling kombucha cultures ...I have been brewing my own kombucha tea now since November last year and drinking it nearly every day and I can honestly say I really feel it's helping me with my Lyme symptoms ...If you knew me you would know I wouldn't sell anything I didn't believe in ...I have noticed my mood seems so much better not cranky and irritable like I used to be, even partner Kev has noticed a difference and seem to be having a little more energy then normal ...I love drinking the kombucha and I'm just feeling a slight improvement in my well being ..I made up 12 jars of it yesterday that are brewing away nicely and should be ready for sending next week ..I'm selling the culture and some liquid for $15 which will include postage in Australia.....if you don't know anything about the kombucha just do a google there is so much information out there. please feel free to email me ....wishing you all well...I have to say this has been so helpful to me I want to share it with you all... I paid $25 for mine and that same lady now sells them for $29 I feel these are a great deal ....

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