Friday, February 22, 2013

Cloths To Wash Your Dishes !

Cloths to wash your dishes !
What do you use ....Well I'm so glad you asked !
I use home brand domestic wipes they are very similar to chux wipes but a whole lot cheaper and to make them even cheaper I cut each one into 4 ...I use one each day ...Not sure if a lot of you realize the amount of germs on peoples dish cloths...So to avoid this I use these, saves washing dish cloths. A lot of people sterilize their dish cloths in their micro wave ..but I don't own one of those never have. ...Any way I find these quick and easy and cheap ..some might say they aren't very environmental and that's probably true, but being unwell I really don't 
want any extra work so these suit me perfectly ... So I just thought I 'd share that, with you all...might be some thing you may consider doing, cutting them smaller. I find them the perfect size .....


  1. Hi Sherrie - I use hand-knitted cotton cloths that can just be thrown in the washing basket daily, along with the tea towel. When they get tatty, they're demoted to bathroom cleaning, along with old towels that I cut and hem. Having a tall pile of them means that they can go in the basket after use, and there's always another to take its place. Now there are only two of us at home, there is always plenty of room in the washing machine. Have a great week, Chris x

  2. I too use handmade dishcloths but mine are crocheted.
    With a largish family there is always a load going.
    Besides crocheting them is so much fun. Love that I can add a bit of colour to the kitchen with them too

  3. I use rags. Cut up old clothing usually. They look like what they are, rags, but I don't mind that. I too use a clean one each day and they are washed when I do a load of washing.
    We do what we do and health and making things easier has to be taken into consideration as well.


  4. Very Good Idea! Thanks!!!

  5. I was a little appalled at the disposable cloths until you said you were unwell. I am unwell and do wash dish cloths, using several each day. However, I had to start using disposable glasses/cups and paper plates most of the time. I suppose we all do what we have to and what we can. Maybe we will both be well at some point and go back to being a little more frugal. Well, that is my hope for me and you.