Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No Need To Use Toxic Nail Polishes-Buff them instead !

I bought this a few years ago it's a 7 way nail file and it's brilliant. This one is from Avon but you can buy then at most super markets it was under $5. I haven't used toxic nail polishes in such a long time it would be well over 20 years or more. When I think about the smell of the nail polish remover that's enough to make me feel sick. Any way back to to my 7 way nail file, I have used it quite a few times and as I said it's brilliant, so if you want lovely shinny nails I recommend you try one. I did my nails with it the other day and they look fabulous and feel so amazingly smooth, they look and feel like they have clear nail polish on them, I keep running my nails along my lips to feel how lovely they are. It only took about 5 minutes while watching a movie on TV with Kev the other day . So I hope you give it a try and hope you will stop using toxic nail polish, way better for your health no toxic fumes to inhale and no toxic chemicals will be absorbed into your body ....
The directions are on the packet it gives you a step by step guide on what colours to use, it couldn't be more simple. Use it on your finger nails and toe nails you will be so amazed with the results and all the money you will save...Save your self and our planet.

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