Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Worry Dolls Giveaway !

Worry Dolls !I have 3 to Giveaway !
A few weeks ago I bought these worry dolls after reading a comment posted on a forum I'm a member of. The mother has a young girl who worries about lots of things to the point it affects her health, worry isn't good for any ones health. So after reading the comment I decided to check out the website and buy some worry dolls. My son Jack can be a bit of a worrier at times, he finds it hard to put it aside and get on with his life. When he was playing cricket at the beginning of the year him and his father had an altercation of sorts and as his dad was the coach he didn't let Jack play, which perhaps wasn't the best decision. Any way to cut a long story shorter, most nights for many months when he went to bed he would think about it and get all upset and relive the event again and again which distressed him and myself as it kept me awake as well.. After buying  the worry dolls,I gave Jack two of them, for him to give his worries to, I will say it really has helped him, every time he starts to worry about something else he or both of us usually say put it into the worry dolls which he does and seems to sleep a lot better and so do I, thank goodness.He keeps his worry dolls on a table next to his bed. You can also put them under your pillow. They are made by ladies in Guatemala that have fair trade certification. Here is the website to have a look

So after all that I'm giving 3 worry dolls away to help some other children to sleep better!

You need to be a follower of my blog and tell me in 25 words or less how you think a worry doll might help your child. Please leave a comment and I'll choose the best three.
Giveaway closes Wednesday August 22nd .
Australian residents only ...


  1. I know they work. My elder grand-daughter needs one as her mummy and daddy are splitting up and she's getting emotional with worrying.

  2. This is very generous of you and I would love to get one to give to my grand daughter who has Asperger's and consequently worries constantly about what seems like everything. Hopefully this would help her. Thanks for the opportunity. Regards. Tania.(

  3. Dang, I wish I lived in Australia. There is a young woman in my class who could really use one of these. She lives in fear for some reason. Maybe this would help. I am going to see if they have them in the US.

  4. My son takes after his mummy and whenever he gets anxious he gets a sore tummy. He's been getting quite a few lately and I think it might have something to do with the custody battle me and his his daddy are going through at the moment. He tries so hard to keep everyone happy, even though he doesn't need to, and so I think it would be nice if he had a way to share his worries.

    It's not less than 25 words but thought it was worth a try :) This is really generous of you and a wonderful idea! Also I've been trying to figure out how to follow your blog as well but not really sure how to. Do I subscribe by email or is there a follow button?

    1. On my blog on the right hand side you will see followers and a sign underneath that says join this site, click and follow