Monday, July 30, 2012

Tutorial To Make Your Own Envelopes

I love making my own envelopes they look so pretty & I love recycling old magazines.
I made some more envelopes the other day and did a tutorial to show you all how. You don't need a template as you will see from my really simple steps.
Step 1.
First find and cut out pages from an old magazine
Look for pictures that are colourful. Then you need to fold each side of the page in about a third to half and inch as you can see in the photo.
Step 2.
Then fold the page leaving at least 1 & half  inches or a little more that will be used to fold over and seal the envelope. Then put double sided tape along the edges on each side as shown in photo. I love using double sided tape but you could use glue.
Step 3.
Peel off the double sided tape and then where the page was previously folded fold again to stick to the other side.
Step 4.
Now put a piece of double sided tape along the inside edge flap of the envelope, then you are ready to seal the envelope when you are sending it . Or you can always put some glue along the top when you want to send it .
Step 5.
I usually cut out some white scrap paper from envelopes that have come in our mail and cut to size and again I use double sided tape and stick it on the front of the envelope you can make then fancy like I do or keep them plain its up to you. Here I have used pinking shears to cut the white paper then I have stuck it to some scrap brown paper also from envelopes...I think it looks really pretty & I haven't bought envelopes for a few years now. I made 20 the other day so that should keep me going for a while.You could  just write the address on the front with a Black texta. Some people just wouldn't be bothered  but I just love recycling and I was sitting at the table with the winter sun streaming in the window it was just a lovely ....


  1. I love recycling too, especially with pretty magazine pages like these.

    1. Hi FabricFascination, yes its so much fun recycling it's so rewarding to create something useable from something else .. A lot of magazines I get either free or really cheap from my local library and a lot I take back for someone else to read or pass on or recycle them into useable things eg envelopes, gift bows, wrapping paper....

  2. Wow! It's so easy and unique...
    Can't wait to try it out with my loaded old magazines..
    Thanx for the share.. :>

  3. Now I know what to do with the mountain of magazines I've been saving with their pretty Shabby Chic and floral pages! Thank you for this tutorial. Very simple and I'm sure will look awesome. :)

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