Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Your Own Flour !

Save time and money ! Make your own flour !
The other day I wanted to make my buckwheat pancakes but then I realised I had run out of buckwheat flour. Then I remembered I had a jar of buckwheat kernels in my pantry, so I put them into my blender and a few seconds later I had a jar of buckwheat flour. So then I made my pancakes. While I had the blender lightly coated with flour I decided to make up some more quinoa flour which I had also run out of. While in the mood I decided to make some brown rice flour which I haven't made before, but now I have a jar of that as well which will come in handy when I make a zucchini slice or I can roll my hedgehogs into before cooking. ...You will need a reasonably powerful blender, it's so quick and easy a few seconds and you'll have your own fresh flour on hand ready to use for what ever you are making ...could save a trip to the shops ..who else makes their own flour.A great way to make lots of different flours if you are gluten intolerant....Oh course you could buy wheat, spelt the list goes on ....I've also made oat flour which you could add to lots of different recipes eg muffins, biscuits or to thicken a soup or casserole.


  1. Just to think I used to use a flour grinder when I used to make my own flour.

  2. Hy! I recently find your blog and supported your lifestyle!I will follow you to find out lot of great ideas.Tkank for sharing them with us:)Sonja from Croatia

  3. Wow what a great idea! I had no idea you could make your own flour, thank you so much!!!