Monday, May 7, 2012

Save The Water From Cooking Pasta For Another Use !

Reuse Water That You Have Cooked Pasta In.
Yesterday I cooked a packet of spaghetti and when I went to drain it I thought why waste the water down  the drain when I'm sure I could use it for something else. So I drained it over a bowl and waited till a little cooler and poured it into 2 jars and put into the fridge until I cook and then use it for something else. One jar has 370 mils I will use that to replace the water when making a loaf of bread tomorrow and today I made pastry as I'm making meat and vegetable pasties and I used 100mils in the pastry recipe in place of the water. What else could you use it for, perhaps add to soups and  casseroles, you can really use it in place of liquid in just about anything from cakes,muffins etc...Does any one else do this ! is it something you would do !
I'm sure where ever there is an extreme water shortage they would find another use for it ...Would love to hear from others please post and leave a comment ....


  1. Hi
    I'm wondering if it could be used as a fabric starch??
    Just a thought

  2. Hey there: I sure do use the water after boiling pasta...and if I boil potatoes or other veg too. The water from cooking potatoes makes a mean sour dough starter too. Hubby called it the bomb, as it always looked like it was ready to explode. The water is very handy when doing other cooking...but I only hold it for the day. How long does it store for in the fridge?

  3. I use my pasta water to kill the weeds in between my bricks on my front walkway!!!!

  4. Its not very radical but I use the water from boiling my veggies to make my gravy, saves water and then I get any vitamins that have leached out into the water too :-)

  5. I also use veg water for soups and gravy and always have,water shortage or not. But the water from pasta holds its starch content, so I wouldnt want to add to my foods!
    As Razzle says it may well starch fabric but if 'unknown' kills weeds wityh it, then that alone suggests its not ideal putting it back into our food lol

  6. Hi Liniecat, I'm not to worried about the extra starch considering I used it for my bread and some pastry which are both startch products. Also the other comment about killing weeds it's not the starch that kills the weeds its the boiling water.
    Thanks ladies for all your comments I also use my vegetable water for other uses, like if I steam sweet potato I drink the water its so lovely and sweet. Yes I agree with pink fairy about using it to make gravy.
    Not sure how long it would last in the fridge 3 to 4 days I would keep it for I would think.
    As for using it for a fabric starch do you mean to stiffen fabric if so I couldn't see why not.
    This is the first time I have saved and reused the pasta water , but have thought about doing it a few times but forgot. May not be for every one just an idea that I thought I would share, Jamie Oliver and lots of other cooks say to reserve some of the water to add back to your pasta dish to create a sauce to help all the other ingredients stick to the pasta better.

  7. I have never saved pasta water, but I use potato water in my bread whenever possible. It gives a lovely texture.

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