Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Games For Children To Play !

Play Noughts and Crosses !
Or some people call it tic tac toe.
Jack and I play this some times when we are waiting for the school bus in the morning, we have lots of fun. Jack usually beats me but in this photo I beat him, I think I taught him too well. Another great thing is it's free, where we live there is lots of limestone rocks which we use as chalk. This is something the kids can do if you have concrete slabs or paving as it washes off really easily, so find some limestone rocks and have some fun. These are the types of things I did as a child as we didn't have very much money and needed to be creative to amuse ourselves. As a young girl I often played hop scotch with my friends at my house in our back yard as we had concrete slabs leading up to our back door, those were the good old days when we amused ourselves for hours playing game outside. Another game we often played was a game called sevens and we needed a tennis ball and a brick wall. Again we would play this for hours, we also played knuckle bones, which we got the bones when mum would cook lamb or some times we would just use 5 rocks. Boy things are so different these days, we also played quoits, which I plan to make in the near future and I will do a blog post.Another free game we used to play with our boys when they were little if we went to the park we would all collect honkey nuts and have a target perhaps a tree or large rock and see who could throw the honkey nut closest to the target.These are such great games to play outside in the fresh air, great for hand eye co-ordination, keeping active, they create great family memories and they are free.I'd love to know what did you play when you were children, please post and share with me and my readers. Maybe it's time to teach our children some of these games.


  1. Gosh yes! Twoballs, elastics, 4 corners? Tried hopscotch not long ago and I can no longer hop long enough to get all the way through. How sad. And we all had our own special tore. The kids today have no idea what fun they are missing.
    Good on you for keeping some alive.


  2. Barb Yes I remember elastics at school...there are so many..could be a great book in the making about all the games we used to play for hours and most were free or very little cost...I remember skipping ropes at school when we had one girl at each end,gosh we used to play that nearly every lunch time.thanks for posting and sharing you've made me think of so many more...