Thursday, April 5, 2012

Healthier Wholemeal Fruit Loaf ! Yum

Wholemeal Fruit Loaf !
On Sunday I was thinking about hot cross buns, as I would never buy the ones in the shops, it got me thinking I'll make a fruit loaf instead, which I did. As I don't eat sugar any more I used a tablespoon of honey, second loaf no honey as the fruit made it sweet enough.I made it in the bread maker using my usual wholemeal loaf recipe but added natural sultanas and mixed spice. The first loaf I put every thing in at the same time, the sultanas were all minced up, but it still  tasted lovely , next loaf I put the sultanas in half way through I used 1 cup of sultanas probably too many. Today I'm making another loaf using my usual recipe  500 grams wholemeal plain flour, one teaspoon salt,one teaspoon dry yeast,370 mils of water, then I added 2 teaspoons of mixed spice and I will add 3/4 cup of sultanas in at the half way point ...I had two slices of  yesterdays loaf toasted this morning with butter, it was delicious...It's all about experimenting to get it just right and I do love knowing whats in my food that I'm feeding my self and my family ...I'll be making more over the Easter break..and any time really ..

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