Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who Thinks It Is Expensive Going To The Movies!

Do you think  its expensive going to the movies!
Because it was the school holidays we took Jack to the movies to see Cars 2 which he was really looking forward to seeing. We usually try to go to the movies on the Terrific Tuesdays when possible as its cheaper, last time we went to the movies was last school holidays and we took Jack to see The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid 2. The Last time was on a Tuesday the tickets were $11 each, yesterday being a Saturday tickets were adults $16.50 and children $13 each so in total $46 to see a movie. Kev and I love going to the movies but only to see things we really want to see, the rest we are happy to wait for them to be released onto DVD and get them from the library for free. I remember taking my older boys to the movies in the school holidays when they were younger . The cinema would often have early bird specials on the school holidays, so it would cost us $5 per ticket so $15 in total to see a movie and we always took our own snacks to save a few dollars. That was in 1998, boy things have changed a little. So the moral of the story is, try to go on a Tuesday if you want to save a few dollars ! Or if you want to save even more dollars rent the DVD or spend no dollars and get it from the library for free !


  1. Hey boys went to the movies these holidays too...they seen the new Harry Potter movie and loved well spent really considering two brothers spent time with each other away from Mum and Dad.

  2. Yes, this is the reason we no longer go to the movies. We content ourselves with waiting for it to come out on DVD and enjoying it at home. We loooove movies :)

  3. I have been to the movies thrice. I am 50+ years old. One of those 3 times was a ticket win.

    I have been to the Drive-in more than that but that was in my young and reckless years so a looong time ago.

    I have always thought that they were too expensive (or I have always been too tight) but on the rare occasion that I want to watch something then I prefer to watch a movie at home where it is quiet and I can get up and make a coffee when I want to without missing anything.


  4. Wowsers! $46!

    I haven't been to the theater in a while and now I certainly don't feel like jumping up and going!

    No matter, I like watching movies at home better anyway. It is much, much cheaper (as illustrated by your tale). I can pause it if I need to use the restroom. I don't feel like a sneak for eating my own snacks which are also much cheaper and healthier. My sofa is very comfy and I can snuggle in a blanket if need be.

    Ah, home sweet home.

    Still, I hope you all had a wonderful time. Sometimes a night out is swell.

  5. Yes the movies do get expensive. We have a movie place here that is cheaper an older type cinema you can go on tuesdays before 6pm for $7 each a little more for 3d movies. We often go this is one of our family treats. We just went to see Harry Potter... Its was fantastic.... Both hubby and I loved the books.

  6. One thing really worth investing in, if you really enjoy your movies, is a cinema discount card. I know Grand Cinemas, and Orana Cinemas offer them. Grand card costs us $15, I think, at the start of the year, and you get a discount then and there on your tickets, if you are going to a movie when you buy the card. Instead of paying $16/ticket, it becomes $10/ticket. So the card nearly pays for itself on the first visit! Also, when buying the card, they give you a few vouchers to use over the year, too :-) So very worth it!