Monday, July 11, 2011

Making Bread With Dry Yeast That Was Still Ok Way Past Use By Date !

Making bread with yeast best before 2007
I've had this packet of dry yeast sachets in my pantry since I made bread last which would have been around 2005. In those years I haven't eaten very much bread really. Kev eats a lot of bread but he is happy with the spud shed bread for 99cents a loaf so at that price why bother making it.Any way back to the story about the yeast, about once a year I have looked at the use by date and have been going to throw it away and then thought I'll make some bread and use it up, well that has gone on for 6 years now. So yesterday I decided to use one of the sachets, I had 7 left in the packet so I figured if it the bread didn't rise I would then through it away, I hate wasting food. The loaf of bread was delicious so the yeast was still ok even after all these years, you can see the best before date on the top of the packet December 2007. I made the loaf of bread in our bread maker, I have thought on a few occasions we aren't making bread anymore I should sell the bread maker its taking up valuable space. Well now I'm eating the failsafe way at least making my own bread I know whats in it. I used 500grams plain home brand wholemeal flour, 1 tablespoon white sugar, 2 teaspoons salt ( I used Himalayan salt) and 370 mils of rainwater, It was lovely, it was what I would call, a really gutsy, wholesome loaf of bread, I hate airy fairy bread. I made garlic butter and had it spread on fresh cut slices and a thick slice for breakfast with butter and rice syrup, how yummy. I'm making another loaf of bread as I'm blogging now. Yesterdays loaf I had on the 4 hour cycle today its on the 5 hour cycle I'll see which loaf is the best. So the moral of the story is just because it says best before doesn't always mean that is the case, especially if it is in a sealed sachet. What have you used that was past its use by date ? how old was it ?and was it ok. Some foods I'd be a little careful about, We need to use our own discretion.


  1. Sherrie..I too use out of date items all the time...I think most of the time the date is only a recommended date so you will go back and buy more...people rely on the dates too much....
    Hey, what is rice syrup?

  2. Expiration dates are suggestions in my book. Often they are legislated, at least in the USA. There are even expiration dates on water and honey. Honey? Are you kidding? Anyway, if food has been stored properly and shows no sign of deterioration, I am willing to give it a try. At the same time I am very sensitive to smell and appearance. Even if the date would suggest that it is OK, but it looks funny, out it goes. Use your own best judgment.

  3. The only trouble I ever heard of with out of date food was someone how died from one of those pancake shake things, apparently there is something in that that will kill you if it's old. Not something you'd be eating on a failsafe diet, anyway!
    We are starting failsafe here next week so I'm watching your blog with interest!

  4. Hi ladies, I don't pay to much attention to use by dates for certain foods, but as yeast is living I thought it may loose its effectiveness, but it hadn't, so very happy with that. I'll get to make seven loaves of bread without buying more yeast. this is good...
    Nellymary, rice syrup is made from rice, tastes like honey, its in the health section in coles $3.60 a 500gram jar, its also delicious made into a hot drink this cold weather, tastes like malt or horlicks, make with hot water and milk. its one of my new favourite drinks, now I'm eating the failsafe way, as I'm not a coffee drinker.
    Deanna, I'm with you on that one if a food doesn't look or or smell right, its out , I'm not taking chances eat food that is off.

    Hi Fiona, parsley is a low salicylate food according to a food chart I found on the net it may be high in other chemicals, I'll need to do some more research to find out, if you find out before I do please post and let me know.I'd love to hear you experiences on the failsafe diet, also I'd love to know why you are doing it, do you or family members have health issues.I'm into day 11 so far,any other readers eating this way I'd love to get feedback from you all.

  5. I did this exact thing the other day! Just got a breadmaker and breadmix, and had yeast in the fridge but realised it was out of date since January last year. Decided to try anyway, since there was alot left, and bread turned out perfect!

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