Friday, June 24, 2011

Yoghurt,Apple & Crumble Mixture Makes A Delicious Breakfast !

This is such a delicious,healthy breakfast !
I have been regularly eating this combo for breakfast its so yummy, I thought is was worth sharing with you all, its always nice to see what other people are eating, can give us some great ideas. I hope you try it, its just wonderful. I make my own yoghurt its a product called progurt, its very expensive well I think so, at $20 a litre, but its a strong pro biotic to help rebuild my gut flora. But you could use any yoghurt of choice, I peel and finely grate a green apple, which goes like an apple sauce, then I add my crumble mixture, then I layer it in my glass jar, this is great to have for morning tea or late breakfast at work, I love using glass jars for storing food in, they travel so well also. Now for the crumble mixture, this recipe came from a miss hap I guess you could say. I was trying to create a power ball recipe, I could of added more dates to the mixture, but I chose not too. The ingredients are 1/2 cup of all of these, chia seeds,sesame seeds, almonds,linseeds, sunflower seeds, organic coconut butter & dates, now throw every thing into the food processor until it resembles a crumbly mixture store in a sealed glass jar in the fridge.In a glass jar I layer yoghurt, apple sauce and crumble mixture.I Like eating it this way because some times you get apple and yoghurt, other times you get yoghurt and crumble its a nice taste sensation. "Eat and enjoy" If any one makes it please post and let me know what you think. Its aways nice trying different food combinations.


  1. Sherrie-it sounds yum...just wondering how much yogurt and crumble do you use to this mixture? How long will the crumble mixture last in the fridge?

    I found this recipe to make your own coconut butter too

  2. Thanks Sherry will give this a kinda breakfast :]

  3. Hi Bungle the crumble mixture will last a few months in the fridge well mine has and still tastes yummy. I use about 250/300 mils yoghurt and a few tablespoons of crumble mixture in the two layers, with one apple...I bought 6 jars of organic coconut butter, so shouldn't run out for a while its delicious.

    Hi Kimmie, I'm sure you will love it too :)

  4. I eat a yogurt smoothie every morn for breakfast. this would be a nice change. thanks for sharing!