Monday, June 20, 2011

Tutorial To Make Fabric Beanies !

Tutorial To Make Fabric Beanies !
Step 1
Measure around the child's head and leave a little extra to allow for seams. You will need to draft a rough pattern out of paper,  then place fabric on fold with stretch going around child's head , cut out 2 pattern pieces.You will need half a metre to make 2 beanies.
Step 2 & 3
Get each oval shape of fabric and sew a dart as pictured at each end to tapper the top in, to give a nice rounded shape to fit your child's head. Then join them right sides together and sew around the outer edge and leave a small opening, so the beanie can be turned in the right way like pictured in next step.
                                                                                      Step 4
                                                                                      Turn beanie the right way through gap that you left. 
                                                                                     Step 5 & 6
Make sure beanie fits and you are happy with the finished shape if so, sew up whole and push half the beanie inside the other half of the beanie. If not happy with shape turn back the other way and try to reshape by making darts a little bigger and perhaps reshaping it then proceed  with finishing steps. The last two I made I wasn't that happy with the shape not sure why, that's why it has taken me while to finish the tutorial , sorry if any one has been waiting.
If you need any help please post and ask and I'll help you any way I can. Happy sewing every one.


  1. Thanks for the tut! I haven't thought that it is so easy to sew a beanie.

  2. Looks easy enough but sewing makes me nervous.

    Coffee is on.

  3. thank you I am going to sew lace, on the front
    of mine nice and quick good patten

  4. Have you made any changes the last couple of years? hcg