Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make Your Own Lovely Gifts !

Make Your Own Lovely Gifts !They Are Made With Love & from The Heart!
This Sunday its Kevan's Mum's & Jack's Grans 81st Birthday ! I have made two lovely lavender balls for one of her gifts. On Monday  I went shopping and I found this cute little box from Red Dot. It is a lavender colour with sprigs of lavender on it , I thought how perfect is that , at only $2 even more perfect. They fit perfectly in the box, I lined the box with some scrap lavender organza that was left over from making lavender balls for the mother's day stall for Jack's school. They are very simple to make and look really special, these ones I cut two circles one from the organza and one from white lace fabric, that I had left over from making curtains. Here is the link to the tutorial I did to make the lavender balls Lavender-ball tutorial


  1. Thanks kimmie,Yes I think they look really pretty and smell really lovely too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Sherrie. You have a lot of talent when it comes to craft!

    I am having trouble posting on blogger at the moment, don't know if it is a computer or website problem, I am guessing it's an issue with my I am still here!!

  3. I agree that you have a talent for crafty things. I'm sure the recipients will appreciate these gifts.