Monday, April 25, 2011

A Healthy Snack ! Great For When Watching T.V

Here is a great healthy snack for when watching T.V.
The last three nights I have been having this snack at night while watching television .You know how it is you have finished dinner and watching television and you feel like a snack, well here is a healthy option, especially after Easter with eating all that chocolate.I love this combination, the crunchiness of the cool celery, the sweetness of the sultanas and the milkiness of the almonds. So into a bowl put about a handful of each, sit back and enjoy. You could eat it any time, have a bowl near the computer while blogging to keep hunger at bay... What other healthy snacks do you all eat. I some times like celery sticks with fresh nut butters & of course my homemade chocolate truffles, but its nice to have a change. Please post and share your healthy snack ideas with us ...


  1. It used to be popcorn, Airpopped, no butter, sometimes lightly salted.

    Now I chop up carrots or apples. I think the small pieces are somehow more satisfying than just eating the whole apple.


  2. Ahem, Sherrie you have been doing what? Eating chocolate? Watching TV? Naughty, naughty :)

    This is an interesting combination with the celery. I have all these ingredients on hand so I will try this mix tomorrow for snack time.

    I like to make popcorn and, whilst still hot, sprinkle lots of cinnamon throught it, then add almonds and sultanas. I think adding a teeny amount of dark chocolate chips would be a nice treat to add to the mix occasionally.

    My snacks are pretty ordinary really and I'm always looking for new ideas. Looking forward to suggestions from your other followers.....

    fruit and nuts or
    apple and homemade peanut butter
    or rice crackes and homemade hummus
    apple and cheese
    muesli bar I wrote about in my blog
    veggie soup or omelette when feeling really hungry (better to eat these than go for junk)

  3. Hi Maria, no I haven't been eating chocolate, I was making reference to all the people who have been eating chocolate over the Easter holidays. I've hardly even had any chocolate truffles.
    The celery, sultana & almonds is a really yummy combination.... I very rarely eat chocolate these days, because when I do I eat too much then the next few days I feel sicker then usuall.

  4. I like a handful of 1)pecans, 2)pecans with chocolate chips, or 3) sliced apple, or 4) banana.

  5. This is dedication. I am so bad. After the kids go to bed it's always junk food time. Maybe I should change to nuts and fruit like you. Thanks for the idea.