Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wind-Up Torch With Radio And Phone Charger & Being Prepared !

                                                                            Wind up torch and being prepared!                             We already have 2 wind up torches and a few months back we decided to purchase this one the torch is bigger and brighter has am /fm radio and phone charger a flashing siren alert . After all the disasters we have had here in Australia of late every one is talking about being prepared well this torch will be very helpful if the power goes out we can charge our mobile phones if we need to make phone calls we can listen to the radio for weather updates and news no need to buy candles as the light is very bright and it has a really loud siren which could come in handy you just never know. It could be used if travelling out at night by yourself I'm sure others would have some other useful ideas I said to Jack my 8 year old son if he ever heard the siren he has to come in immediately as we live on a large bush property it would get his attention quickly with out me yelling out to him . As I said every one is talking about being prepared how prepared should we all be ! I guess to every one that would mean different things. I have said to Kev since living here in the bush if a fire comes we are not going to defend our house we are going you can replace material possession's but not a life. People are talking about stockpiling food I would say be a little careful of that as I said to Kev if we loose our power our fridge and freezer contents won't last that long especially in the heat, if you have a generator to run fridge and freezer that will be fine but a word of caution don't use it in an unventilated room. Once when we were camping in Palm Cove Qld we were next to a tent/camper that had a generator running and the noise was bad enough but the fumes were terrible, so please do so with caution .We have talked about getting a generator so we could use the pool water to put out a fire .Last year we lost all our fresh water supply when lightning hit our rainwater tank, We rushed out and brought a 720 litre poly tank that we use just for drinking /cooking water, we were lucky it was winter and the next day it was filled with water. I would recommend stocking up on non perishables eg tins of salmon and tuna, tins of fruit and vegetables and dry products like flour and grains, long life milk, enough to see you through a tough time. A lot of people we have spoken to over the years say they would take all their photos and important documents so in saying that perhaps we can be prepared by keeping them all in the same place so they can be picked up quickly if you need to evacuate your home. Also I would  keep a small amount of money in a special place make sure your partner knows the hiding place of all these things also. I have a stash of money that I keep in the house in case! I always say to Kev if I die don't forget about this money in here will you, if if he sells the place some one get a nice surprise. If any one has any great tips on being prepared please post and share them with us . Regular people to my blog will have noticed I haven't blogged for over 2 weeks , It was because we had no land line phone our old analog exchange was having some problems so I couldn't use the Internet it was a little frustrating but hey not the end of the world. It makes you think how hard life has been in the past with no phones Internet and other modern cons ..How lucky we are ! So please post and share all your "being prepared ideas" as they could come in handy for all of us in an emergency situation. Just got back from having my lunch and I was thinking about this blog post I was thinking if we lost our power for a length of time we couldn't use our bore water with out a generator and we cannot use our rainwater from our large tank as you need power to run it . Every time we knew the power was going be off we used to fill up jugs so we had enough to drink . We don't need to do that any more, with our 720 litre water tank as we just have to turn the tap on the bottom. We always have our 20 litre water container inside the house and Kev fills it up a few times a week .


  1. Yes, I missed you Sherrie. I was hoping you were ok and that you weren't in bed sick or no bad event had occurred your way. Can't write much at the moment as I have Josh next to me on the couch wriggling like a hot worm!! YOu make a lot of valid points though.

  2. Yes have to get prepared myself. You just never know. I am not in the bush or in tropical QLD but it can still flood anywhere, as we have seen. My mum is so prepared with her go bags. I'm going to get her to organise one for me. With two kids it is very important. Like you said if the power did go out what would we all do. If we are prepared with great tools like these flashlights then it will make it easier for us. This is definantly on my to do list.

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