Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wind Up Torch Saves Money On Batteries !

Our Wind Up Torch Has Been A Real Investment ! It's called a Mini Magic Torch ! Wind up system No batteries or light bulbs ever required !How many of you out there have had a torch in the cupboard and you go to use it and the batteries are flat frustating is that has happened to us lots of times ..."but no any more"you spent money on batteries and maybe used it once or twice ...what a waste ! Well with the wind up torch you won't have that problem ever again which is great... We have two of them and they are used often and the best part is you never need to buy any batteries for great is that it's a real money saver I can tell you ...We brought one from bunnings in 2008 and so impressed with it we brought another one from bunnings about 6 months or so later ...You just wind them when you need light how easy is that ..(very easy )They have a strap on them and we have one in our bedroom incase the power goes out and one in our sons room hanging on his door so we always know where they are when we need them in a hurry. For the small cost of under $20 no home should be with out one ! They are also great to use for camping ...they would make great gifts for family and friends !


  1. What a great idea! Are they fairly bright? Might have to invest in a couple myself.

  2. Hi Debbie yes they are quite bright they also sell a larger one.

  3. They are a great thing and I've heard you can get radios that work the same way. Do you know if that is so?
    I bought the 2 little grandsons wind up lanterns from Reject shop $7 for one of their xmas presents. I read about them on a SS thread. They both loved them and they work so well I went and got myself one.
    we have just come back from a family holiday and the 2 little cousins wound up their lights each night and put them on their shared bedside cabinet. The lanterns have 4 of those little LED lights I don't know how long they will work for but I think they are a great idea for blackouts or camping .

  4. Got mine today - thanks Sherrie!

  5. Hi Anonymous, we have a wind up radio that also has a torch and a SOS emergeny light that we used when travelling around Oz for 6 months.We used to wind it up and lay in bed and listen to music then just fall asleep and it would just run out of power .then we would just wind up when we wanted to use it again .its was fabulous.
    but the aerial broke DP fixed it ..but I think we need a new was brought from Dicksmiths years ago..I've seen them for sale

  6. Hi Maria, what size did you get? they come in two sizes the large one also comes with an assortment of attatchments one to recharge a mobile phone which could come in handy ...
    Cheers :)