Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Vision Board !

This is my new vision board !
As its the beginning of a brand new year I thought I would make a new vision board of what I'm wanting to create in my life. So the last few days I've been working on it , its not as easy as you first think .When I first made one a few years ago I looked through magazines and as I didn't really need any more material possessions, I had to really think what did I want . This year I found it really easy as I want to create good health and vitality, so I plan to look at it every day and read and really take it into my being .I have left a few gaps as I couldn't find any thing else I wanted I would like a nice outdoor setting but will need to find I picture of the one I really want and with my health improving I would like to buy myself a really good mountain bike and go bike riding a few times every week. When I watched the secret a few years ago they talked about vision boards also saw an episode of Oprah and thy talked about vision boards. One of her guests said be careful what you put on your vision board as she had put a picture of  a lounge she liked and it had a dog on it she said she now has a dog .I'd love to hear about any one else making vision boards and their experiences of what they have manifested in their own life ..So please post and tell us !


  1. Hi Sherrie,

    I have heard of vision boards before but never gotten around to ever making one. I don't buy magazines so I think I would have to maybe draw the pictures or find them in google and print them out!

  2. Hi Maria that's another great idea ...I get free magazines sometimes from the library or buy them 6 for 50cents or you could also use the free local papers that get delivered... I'm going to look in one of our free local papers for a picture of a mountain bike to add to my board and i'd love to live closer to the beach ..a lot closer then we live now like to see the beach from my door or window would be great no more then a 5 minute walk..maybe I need to find a block i like that's close but they are pretty rare but are still a few around but don't want to pay more then half a million...they are expensive ... cheers