Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Shabby Chic Linen Bag !

My shabby chic linen bag I made the other day !
I did a tutorial to help others make one !
I made another one some years back and used hessian ! I will also add a link to it as the pattern is very similar to make ! The finished size is 45cm x45cm or 17&3/4 inch x 17&3/4 inch & handles finished length 56 cm or 22 inches. This one is made using 100% linen for outer bag and handles 100% cotton fabric for lining and ruffle.
Here is the link to the hessian bag that is almost the same.

If any one needs any help making one of these lovely bags please post and I will help you with more details .

Step 1&2 .
Cut a rectangle of fabric 91cm x 46 cm or 36 inches x 18&1/8 of an inch. That is the main body part of the bag. The lining will be the same measurements. Now fold fabric in half, right sides together and sew up the sides. you can either over lock the seams of zig zag them . I then sewed another row of stitching on the outside to make it look neater, sit flat and make it stronger. Then I cut a piece of lace for the top of the bag 11cm x 91cm or 4&3/4 inch x 35&7/8 of an inch, I used lace left over from making curtains. Now sew that on and around the top of the bag .

Step 3&4
Cut out the fabric for the ruffle around the top, I leave the edges raw as it gives a more shabby chic look .
7.5 cm x 189 cm or 3 inches x 741/2 inches it will really depend on how much you gather it up it's really up to you as long as the finished gathered ruffle is 91 cm or 35 &7/8 of an inch long so it will fit around the bag . You need to sew it along the edge of the lace that you have sewn already around the top. Then sew some braid along the middle of the ruffle to cover the stitching .

This one isn't pink with spots like the bag because I did two and couldn't decide which one to use, I will use this ruffle in the next bag I make.

Step 5.
Turn bag inside out and sew across corner gives bag a better shape without pointy corners . I get a square piece of paper and cut off the corner then I use it as a template . Also do the same with the lining .

Step 6.  
Cut a little bit of lace and make a little pocket that is open both ends and sewn in the middle on the front of the bag so the rose can be slipped in and bent up on the bottom to stop it coming out. That way the rose can be removed to wash the bag or change the rose maybe to a different colour for a different look . 

Now to make the handles these on this bag are 3cm or 1&1/4 inch finished width,and length 56 cm or 22inches, so cut them out 58.5 cm or 23 inches. I added a length of vilene to give it a little stiffening . I sewed it in then folded them the right way and sewed around the edges to flatten and neaten them.

Step 8.
Now we need to join the handles to the bag I measured 12.5 cm or 5 inches from the side edge pin and sew .

Step 9.
Now to put the lining in, refer to step 1 & 2 as you need to cut the same size as the bag to begin with. 
I made a large pocket with zip another pocket with a mobile phone pocket sewn on it . It's up to you if you want pockets and what size you would like.   

Step 10. 
Sewn up lining like the bag right sides together then sew across the corners like in step  5. then put inside the bag with wrong sides together line up the side seams together and fold in top of each and sewn around to join them together . bag is completed .

Step 11.
It's optional ,in this bag I made the lining a little shorter and sewed a strip of linen 4cm or 1&1/2 inches to each end of the lining so when the bag is completed you don't see the lining at the top its your choice. The hessian bag the lining goes right to the top.



  1. Oh Sherrie I ADORE that bag tis so pretty and feminine.

    You are so clever.



  2. Gosh I love this do I bribe you to make me one? I've got the sewing machine out, but I'm making boxer shorts for my daughter, then I'm onto soft slouchy pants for me. Mims x

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  4. I LOVE your bag!! So cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I'll have to make one this summer!