Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bottle Your Own Water !

I bottle our own water !
Kev brought him self two packs of four bottles of lemon lime & bitters for Christmas & the new year. So I washed them as he drank them, then removed the labels and filled them with our rainwater from our drinking water tank. I keep them in the fridge and when we go out I put them in our esky cooler bag, so never have to buy expensive drinks while we are out, especially this hot weather. Saves us lots of money and better for our health .I've been doing this for years and any larger glass bottles I also fill up and keep them in the fridge for either drinking at home or if going out for picnics or other outings. I prefer using glass as apposed to plastic and the smaller bottles aren't as heavy if I have one in my handbag in case I get thirsty while out shopping ! I'm always prepared with my own water. About 6 years ago I left the house without water and it was a scorching hot day I needed a drink I purchased a bottle of water and it tasted terrible, like soapy water then I ended up buying another one a little better but not much, so now I never leave home with out water. So another win win better for my health rainwater saves my money and I recycle a lot of my glass bottles.


  1. Oh Sherrie it is so very hot up here today with a big storm brewing...your chilled bottles of water look so very inviting :]

  2. I always carry my own water too but I have a stainless steel bottle.

  3. Laughed at this. Son was out here yesterday and commented on the flash water bottles I had in the fridge and asked where I got them from. I don't think he was as impressed when I told him they were grog bottles I rescued from someones recycling bin.

    A few weeks ago I pinched a stubble holder from Hubby to put around my glass drink bottle to protect it a bit.


  4. Hi Kimmie please help yourself just replace the empty bottle so I can wash and refill it.lol :)

    Hi Debbie.I also have a stainless steel water bottle my friend Kerrie brought me a few birthdays ago but I hate the metal taste in the water.DP has used it a few times he cannot taste the metal taste. I'm always the one that can smell everything and taste every thing eg chemiclas in food,water the air ! That's why I love glass no leaching which is good for me !

    Hi Barb I can usually get enough bottles without getting others peoples. but hey why not, I say if some one else can make use of it then do so !