Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mend Instead Of Replacing If You Can !

I mended my leaf rakers !
I'm not sure what they are called, I use them a lot when I rake up a big heap of leaves and kangaroo poo. I use them to scoop it all up off the lawn and put in to our compost hole. One of the handles broke some time back ,so I decided to mend them so they last at least another 10 years. I used some plastic coated wire that we have kept from when our son Jack has gotten Thomas the tank engine and friends.If any one has ever tried to take the engines from the box they will know how hard it can be with all the wire to hold them in place its a major exercise, I can tell you. Any way I got a piece of it, doubled it to save cutting it, threaded it through the holes then I used a used plastic straw so it wouldn't cut in to my hand when I used them,I then twisted the wire on the inside.I'm happy with the end result. I've just saved another item from going to landfill and my money,not needing to purchase another set. So a win win for me and the environment. What other things do people mend around the garden and back yard , any tips please post and share them with us all.


  1. You have so many great common sense ideas :]

  2. Hi Kimmie ,I'm just trying to do my bit to stop as much stuff going to landfill , I really try hard to look after our environment as best I can.