Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time To Put Up The Advent Calendar !

Yes Its that time of the year again !
I know I can hear you all saying where has the year gone, they seem to go by faster and faster each year ! Jack and I put up the Advent calendar last night being the 30th of November. Now the count down begins until Christmas day. I brought this Advent Calendar when Jack was little. I was always going to make my own after seeing a friends one, that her mother had made but just never got around to it. When I saw this one I thought that it was perfect and it only cost me $5. I thought with time and materials Iwouldn't be able to make it for that price. So every year Jack and I put it up and we fill each little pocket with a chocolate coin. The chocolate coins cost me $3 and there are lots left over which I put in the fridge for over the holidays for Jack and his friends or older brothers to eat.So for $3 each year what a lovely tradition. Jack gets excited counting the days until Christmas day..So its starting to look a little like Christmas here. What other traditions do you all do at this time of the year ! I was reading a thread last night on Simple Savers and some one said about putting jokes in the Advent calendar I thought to myself what a great idea I will print some out later and surprise Jack with lots of little funny jokes! I just recently printed out a heap of jokes for all the Christmas crackers I made for him to give to all the children in his class for Christmas, Which I will share with you all soon. It's another recycled project !


  1. I love that Sherrie!~

    I thought my daughter may, at nearly 11, be getting too old for advent calendars...but noooo.

    There it is, in all it's cardboard glory, on my kitchen wall!

    I love yours more!

  2. Instead of jokes you could also have some compliment writings. You know, bits of paper with. "I love the way you ****" "I like that you ***" "I was proud of you when ***" type of things. Not too many as it may take away the good feelings but a few to make the person reading feel extra loved and happy.