Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's My Birthday Today ! 48 Today !

Yes I'm 48 today ! hip hip hooray to me !
Happy birthday to me ,happy birthday to me, happy birthday , happy birthday ,happy birthday to me !
Here is a birthday card I just received from my mum. Our relationship is a little strange to say the least.. never know if she will acknowledge my birthday or not, well I got a card this year.
Yes another year older and maybe a little more wiser, definitely a little greyer (hair colour that is !). And still not well ...
Just another day really...I wonder is there any one else out there that was born the same year and date as me 2/12/1962.
I have wondered that for many years and have wondered would we be similar in any way .love to hear from any one born the same birthday as me ! I was planning on meeting my friend Vicki for lunch.


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous!



  2. Happy birthday Sherrie!
    Hope you have a great time celebrating it.


  3. Happy Birthday Sherrie, hope you have a fantastic day, Deb

  4. hope your day was amazing, filled with love and laughter!!1

  5. Happy (belated) birthday Sherrie. As others have said... I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

  6. happy birthday, baby! you'll always be younger than me--I was born on 2/12/60. Hope you find your birth-match and Many, MANY happy returns of the day!

  7. Hope you had a memorable birthday Sherrie. Love and Kisses to you. Mims

  8. Thank you to all you lovely ladies for all the lovely birthday wishes !
    Sending you all big smiles :):):):)
    Sending you belated birthday wishes dmarie...Hope you also had a great birthday !