Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solar panels 30 of them !

Solar panels 30 of them !
Last Wednesday we had 24 more solar panels installed , We had 6 already after the government rebate last year and we wanted to add more but because the ones we had installed last year were different then these new ones we had 30 installed and the electrician wanted the ones we had as they matched his 6 panels so every one was happy ! Well in that area every one was happy . The next day we spent most of the day at the beach I said to kev it will be exciting to see how many units of power we make today,I thought it should be a least 30 units(Kwh).When we got home the inverter was reading only 9 units, that's a bit strange we thought, Kev rang the installer to tell him something was wrong ,he wasn't sure what the problem could be.So at this stage we aren't sure if the problem is our end or Western powers end that's the energy provider here in the West. So its been a week and its still not working as it should. There is a fault some where we are not sure where it is at this stage. When the inverter's production reaches 3,000 watts it trips out because it reaches the over voltage trigger point (264V)! So far it has been disappointing , hope the problem gets solved soon , Kev went back to work today after 2 weeks holiday and he will speak to his work colleague who is an electrical engineer so we hope he can shed some light on helping solve our solar problem ! I will keep you all updated, I wonder has any one else had a similar problem !If so please post and tell us your story ! Kev has returned home from work and 3 people at his work all said it could be 3 different things causing the problem. One being because we have 200 metres of 3 phase cabling from our metre to our house switch board . Another reason is that western powers voltage is too high.We are waiting to hear back from the intaller ! So fingers crossed it will be simple to correct !

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  1. wow, so thrilled for you...and jonesing for some solar panels on our house! :-D