Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recycle Water When Showering !

Recycle Water When Showering !
As we have a shortage of water because lightning hit our rain water tank earlier this year, as our whole house is reliant on that water, we need to be very careful. So a few weeks ago I remembered we had a big plastic tub in the shed that we used to bath Kev's dogs in when they were alive. I cleaned it really well and put it under the shower to catch all the rain water and then bucket it out and use it to water our garden, mostly all my potted herbs. You could also use it to flush your toilets. We usually use bore water for the toilets. A great way to recycle your shower water, when it's filled it holds about 30 litres another way to save water is to get out before it's filled up !  My son Jack loves it he will sit in it and have a shower come bath. Just another way to save our precious water !

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  1. Lol Sherrie...I remember when my kids were little, that a photo of them sitting and bathing in a bucket was obligatory...cute...and very water friendly!