Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Religious Undies !(Holy that is ) Well they were, but not anymore !

My Religious Undies! (holy that is) well they were, but not any more ! 
I'm nearly 48 years old and I have never ever in my life put a patch over holes in my under wear before ! Well as they say there is a first time for every thing ! "And this is my first " Since I have really become aware of how much stuff goes into landfill I'am determined I don't want to add to it, if I can help it ! So today I put a patch over a hole in each pair of my bonds cotton red undies and I thought long and hard will I share that with every one and I thought why not ! So here I'm bearing all about my undies some people will think that's a little extreme and some will think that's another great way to recycle.I must admit I fluctuate between the two! If I can make then last another 6 months why not . I plan to use them for when its the time of the month! Well in saying that, that time has just finished and I'm wearing them at this very moment . I put them on to see how they looked , I may call them my designer undies they are original one of a kind no one in the world has a pair like them ! I love being different , its not about the money because I have plenty of money to buy more its about being green and I have a draw full of other pairs ! I said to Kev today am I being mean or green ! Well I can honestly say I'm being green and very honest at the same time ! So I challenge others to do the same and make then last as long as possible . Every one knows that most men will wear their undies until they disintegrate My DP would ! I often say I think these are ready for the bin and Kev will say something like plenty more years in them ! I think this post should be titled how low can you go !If I told my mother she would say you have plenty of undies in your draw why would you bother just throw them out in the past I would have ." I did". So I wonder who out there is game to post and say they do the same or will do the same. This will be interesting !This post is longer then I thought it would be about 2 pairs of undies with holes in them ! Some would say "get a life".
Maybe that's my problem I don't have a life , lets be honest any one who posts on their blog about undies I'm starting to wonder about myself now ! will I post this one ? I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow if you see it in my blog then you'll know what I decided ! lol


  1. I'm impressed, you could even try a heart or flower shape patch next time!

  2. Yes I could do a heart or flower shape! I thought about doing appliquéd flowers, But this was a quick patch up this time if they were my black pairs I would of covered the hole with black lace which I have, I was thinking I could add lace and make them all fancy ! maybe next time!

  3. great use -- no waste,, I agree,, love it here too

  4. Hi, I have a few that I am planning to repair but i probably won't post about it after i have done it. :)

    I have a pair of torn thong that I could now repair with the idea you have given. I was thinking to make door stopper from it...

    Thanks for the reuse/repair ideas.