Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Tyre Rim Makes A Great Hose Holder !

A Tyre Rim Makes A Great Hose Holder !
Tyre rims they are great for storing your hoses neatly away ! All it cost was for two dyna bolts from the hardware to fix it to the wall of the house near the water tap. It is so easy to use when you need to use the hose you unwind it off and when finished with it you wind it back on the rim ! The rims where free I got them about 10 years ago I cannot remember where I got them I think I got them from where I purchased my car tyres. So if you would like to do this ask your tyre provider if he has any !May even find some on the kerb side rubbish pick up days !
We also have one out the front on the lawn which is attached to a wooden post next to the front tap !

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