Thursday, September 16, 2010

Banana & Raspberry Ice Cream !

Banana & Raspberry Ice Cream !
Very delicious and healthy and very easy to make !
You will need frozen bananas and raspberries .
If you have a champion juicer with the blank on and just push through the frozen fruit ! If you don't have a champion juicer you can use a food processor it will be easier to chop the bananas into smaller pieces before freezing them and process quickly then refreeze . For every banana I use a few berries ! It's fat free, dairy free, sugar free, preservative free, colour free, gluten free !
You can serve in ice cream cones or bowls !
Great on a hot summers day/night or really any time !


  1. So, does this have a similar consistancy to ice-cream? I'm thinking it'd be a great more regular treat for the kids (we rarely buy ice cream), and a fantastic idea for my mum, dad and nanna as mum has high cholesterol, dad needs to lose weight and nan is diabetic and they ALL love ice cream! LOL!

    Rached from SS.

  2. Hi Rached yes it has a similar consistancy to ice cream . My DP and son love love ice cream and they love this just as much, way healthier !
    serve it to the kids in cones and I bet they won't know its not ice cream :)
    cheers :)