Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slow Combustion Fire !

Making the most of your slow combustion fire !
I love lighting our fire in the winter to keep us warm and cosy ! I always have our kettle on the fire,then I always have hot water when I need it for our hot water bottles to do the dishes or make a cuppa.
I some times cook potatoes in the fire. I wrap them in grease proof paper then in alfoil and put them in the fire. They taste great with butter! We cook on top as well, we make toasted cheese sandwiches on a tray. We cook using our fry pan, we cook steak, fish eggs, really just about anything. We warm up left overs in a pot on top ! I guess we are lucky all our wood is free! We live on a 25 acre bush property ! Well sort of free still had to hire a chain saw, a few weeks ago Kev cut enough wood for this winter and hopefuly next winter also ! $85 for the hire of the chain saw. Thought about buying one, but worked it out would be better off hiring one each couple of years !

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  1. Hi there Sherrie,

    I keep a large kettle for hot water on the top of our fire, but have never thought about cooking on or in there other than toast on the coals. I have put things on top to warm up though. Will need to give this consideration from now on, thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    Certainly need the fire on at the moment the weather is freezing....0 here tonight.

    Our wood is collected through the year, but we have a chainsaw that we use when we find it. I also know how to use the chainsaw now, as I did a course through the local SES. We live on 2 acres and have so far collected enough wood to last for approximately 4 years.

    Stay warm,