Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recycling Newspapers !

Recycling Newspapers !
As I have said previously I love finding uses for things that just get thrown away !
So today's subject what to do with all those newspapers ! Besides reading them ! Some of you have probably heard a lot of them already but hopefully there may be a few that you haven't heard of yet , so lets begin !

1. Making gift bags and wrapping gifts.(also wrap a bottle of wine)
2. For lighting fires.(Can also make brickettes)
3. Paper mache.
4. Used to make insulation.
5. For washing and drying windows (they really sparkle)
6. Lining bins.( Saves using plastic)
7. Wrap up scraps.
8. Wrap things to keep them cold.(If dad gives me crabs/crayfish I wrap them in newspaper to keep them cold until I get home also absorbs any liquid from spilling)
9. Can cover tins to make them look decorative for pen/pencils etc
10.I keep a newspaper in the car boot. (If someone has muddy shoes put down a few sheets on the floor)
very handy you just never know, use for mopping up spills while travelling.
11.Line a bird cage.(catches the droppings then can be disposed of in compost)
12.Finely shred for packaging.
13.Put on the floor when toilet training animals.
14.Put under potty when potty training toddlers.( in case any mishaps)
15.Make paper chains?paper lanterns.
16.I use if we spill any liquid on the floor.(just place on spill it will absorb the liquid, then mop/wipe up .
17.Line pot plants saves potting mix coming out the holes.
18.Line wood box/basket.
19.Shred up and add to compost.
20.Put a thick wet layer over the worms in the worm farm keeps them moist in the hot weather.
21.Put thick wet layers down to stop weeds growing, great when starting a vegetable/herb garden.
22.Line cupboards.
23. wall paper.(We used to go to a Mexican Restaurant and the restrooms were wallpapered with newspaper.
24.Put a thick layer where you park your car to absorb any oil leaks. (hold down with a brick )
25.When toddlers are feeding themselves put on the floor underneath to catch all food scrapes.
26.Put under mats to catch any excess sand/dirt .
27.Use to make sewing patterns.
28.Put a few layers in the bottom of your wheelie bin helps absorb any liquids.( helps keep it smelling OK )
29.Make little pots to grow seedlings in.
30.Use for place mat.
31.Stuff inside wet shoes or boots absorbs the moisture helps them dry quicker.
32.Wrap up breakables when travelling.
33.Put down if you are doing a messy craft project.
34.When defrosting freezer put some on the floor to catch any water.
35.Shred up for animal houses , mice and rats will make homes and nest in it .
36.Use to line potato,onion or fruit basket/box.Saves any mess if one goes mouldy or rotten
37.Origami making. .
38.Put a layer in green shopping bag to catch any blood that leaks from packaged meat.
39.Use to wrap a bunch of flowers.
40.Use to remove registration stickers from car window. Soak a sheet of newspaper then fold about double to size as sticker press on leave 20 minutes. stickers comes off easy with no mess left.
41.Cover a brick and use for a door stop.
42. Roll it up and use as a fly swat.
43. Children can do their paintings on sheets of newspaper.
44. Make a hula skirt (we used to make them when we were children)
45. When you haven't any curtains for your windows yet stick up newspaper.
46. Cover children school books. Use the cartoon pages.
47. Use to make recycled paper add with other paper scraps
48.I have heard of people using it for toilet paper ! I guess desperate times call me desperate measures.
I think it would be a little harsh on my tush ! I 'm not prepared to even try that one!
I remember watching movies like Angela's Ashes and they had their hot fried chips in newspaper !
I don't fancy that either . I wouldn't recommend that they come into direct contact with food without shells or other wrapping eg lollies in packets !

Well that's about all I can think of at the moment! I will probably post this and think of another one !
If anyone has any more ideas to add, for using newspapers please post and share them!


  1. Thanks for these suggestions. We don't buy newspapers apart from the local rag and we keep them for lighting the fire. I have used them to line the bin also.


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